Senin, 28 Mei 2012


timely current culture is slowly fading and the emerging culture of late. it is very dangerous for the condition of Indonesia. not timely is not a culture of Indonesia. not on time is an indication that the person is not disciplined and do not obey the rules. however, the current Indonesian society already received a label that is not timely is their culture. This paradigm should be changed.

whereas, in essence, culture is a reason that the mind tends to a positive connotation. Therefore, the habit should not be late and then taken for granted as Indonesian culture. would be better if it's too late is considered as a virus that attacks the nation and must be removed before it spreads to the entire people of Indonesia.

A Poetry for Someone

I see you as being among the most beautiful flowers ..
suddenly infiltrate and create your own space in my heart ..
You dangle like a fragrance that penetrated my soul flew marvelously fragrant ..
so that at any time between the fall ... 

you always feel a warm hug ...  
really .. I want you to know it .. 
millions of glowing feeling in my heart ..  
and I do not expect replies ..  
I just want you to know .. 
I love you ..

Minggu, 27 Mei 2012


 Buy a ticket presale / early bird, which usually sell for around 3 months before the date of the concert, because the price is cheaper than regular price. Do not forget to also check if there are student price, because the price is much cheaper.
 If you attend a music festival (eg, Java Jazz Festival), then attend to the map jadwalo gig venue and rundown. It is very important that we do not get lost and can arrange stretegi watch so as not to clash.
 Stomach contents. Eating before a concert is mandatory. Because we need energy and stamina. Moreover, we are usually allowed to bring food and drinks from outside.
 Fill pulse phone (to communicate with friends), make sure the battery is full digicam (so satisfied photographing), and bring enough money (to buy the CD or merchandhise on location).
 If the location of the concert can be reached by public transport, then use it, bring your own car at concerts stress can make it difficult to park. Not to mention parking fees be increased many - times the normal rate.
 Come early to the scene, about 2-3 hours before the scheduled performances, the venue for the study area to watch will be able to get a strategic spot.

ü Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to wear.
ü Avoid wearing accessories that are "suspicious" (ie chain belt), so that no security guards confiscated and not disruptive.
ü Bring a simple bag that does not interfere with the motion, and the contents of only the goods - items needed (wallet, cell phone, camera). Use this bag safe position (ie placed in front of the body) to reduce the risk of stolen.

 Once inside the venue there, buy a drink to avoid dehydration.
 Obey the rules, for example, should not be photographed with a flash / flash, do not throw litter especially Boto drinks on stage.
 Enjoy the show! everyone is entitled to enjoy the show, including swaying and singing loudly - loudly. So, do not easily carried away so that the audience in front of or behind us really excited.
 Let exclaimed, store songs in mobile phone so you can make contekkan if you like singing together - together.
 If the middle - the middle of our concert Meras dizzy, do not ask for help to the prestige of the paramedic team.

If you do not want to stuck in traffic when the concert ended, they returned more quickly before the concert ended. So, we do not have to scramble to get out of the parking lot with the other spectators.


The survey, conducted Hotmail from Microsoft found 38% of Internet users believe that e-mail is a digital device to record the history of personal life. Nearly a quarter of them said the desire to save e-mail are encouraged to store memories sentiments. One in 10 respondents even claimed they never delete e-mail. Capacity of the inbox and your e-mail free of charge to the user does not feel the need to delete the files in their e-mail. Although just google the first to offer unlimited capacity on its Gmail accounts, almost all current e-mail services have followed a similar approach. Microsoft memperkirakanrata - average inbox will receive e-mail on 14 600 2012. A large number of e-mail is due to habits of users to receive the latest news from the newsletter or the services can not be classified as spam e-mail or authentic. E-mail - e-mail like this, who then called greymail, has 80% of the overall percentage of e-mails received. Amount of their own online newsletter has increased 300% in the last 12 months. On the other hand, 1 in 10 people also feel anxiety because of the difficulty to manage e-mail in large volumes. Nearly half of respondents aged 18-34 years said they feel stressed and angry if they can not easily find e-mail. In fact the behavior is actually related to the digital world to real life as well. Each one has its own way of managing our digital lives. A first look at the daily habit - day to understand the changes.


Food "doping" Learning
When the exam, wish it could put all the science that is in a notebook or textbook into the brain. Unfortunately, sometimes the brain does not want to compromise, that is so hard to catch a lot of test material. For that let's find out the foods that can make our brains become more fluent to think.

In addition to good taste, chocolate was also able to assist us in the learning process. Because, by eating chocolate can boost the production of substances endoprhin that makes us so good mood and be more excited. Not only that, chocolate also can increase our focus and concentration while studying.

Foods made from soybeans, such as tofu and soy milk are also useful to help us time to learn. Because soybeans berkhasiatuntuk slow memory loss and prevent brain damage.
Fish - fish from cold waters such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Its function is to form the brain, retina and some other neural networks. Omega 3 fatty acids proven to increase energy, memory and our ability to solve problems.

If you tire easily when learning, perhaps we need to drink tea. Because, tea has been proven to not only make us more focused, but also helps us cope with fatigue. Green tea is tea that is most effective against fatigue and can make us more relaxed.

Almost any type of berry can help us to learn, respectively - each with its own function. For example, strawberries contain fisetin many substances that can improve memory or blueberries can mempebesar "memory storage". So, the more lessons we diotak fit.

Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli hate that we may actually facilitate learning. Because, vegetables - vegetables helps maintain something we have to remember in the brain. Thus, physics formula that does not directly evaporates after we read it right??

Foods that contain calcium such as milk and yogurt and cheese to develop nerve function in the brain becomes more leverage. Plus, an amino acid in the yogurt is not easy to make us sleepy and not easily forgotten.

¾ of our brain is water. So, of course, water is very useful to the brain can work well. Because, if our brains to dehydration, then the work would be tergannggu. So, we must drink at least eight glasses of water every day.


Love familiarize Early Childhood Environment
Love for the environment can be fostered in early childhood, by way of doing things - a nice little things, for example, create a show garden at the weekend sehinnga he will be impressed by itself within a few days to see if the plants are planted will grow. Explain the benefits of the plant will grow plants that can absorb water and can menjegah flooding.
Global warming is happening because of the destruction of the natural balance should concern us all. To be natural conditions are not getting worse, move the guard of nature must begin now. not just for adults, but children - children should start getting used to for eco-friendly lifestyle and love of the environment. Concern for environmental sustainability needs to be done early, because the effect at an early age is the basis of the formation of one's personality traits.

Activity in the kitchen was the most dominant waste accounted for in Indonesia, which reached 80%. It is time for the mothers in action to reduce environmental destruction.
Start a green movement in the kitchen is not a difficult matter much we can do by making small changes in the kitchen, for example by trying to save energy. Use energy-saving lamps for example, replacing old refrigerators with new refrigerator so he reached 10-12 years of use. The trick to saving can also be done when opening the refrigerator. While cooking, use the smallest equipment. Make sure the shop is not too much because if not immediately used quality will decline and decay, not wasting food as much as possible, try to creatively dispose of waste on pet food for example. And that is often overlooked is the use of plastic. In fact, buying a drink or food we often ask for plastic. Should we have set up their own bags to carry our groceries.
Let's do go green in your kitchen action .....


Indonesia  is true lucky country. immeasurable Godsend natural resources. One of them ancient creature of turtle which its existence there are since last 220 million year.from 7 turtle type exist in world, 6 type ( including 2 most scarce) life territorial water of Indonesia, and 5 among others is dweller of territorial water remain to us. let we study beautiful animal which is moment immigrate ready to get through great with distance 3000km during 58 - 73 day !


 Status                          : totally disappeared Threatened
 At most met in           : Archipelago of Derawan in Eastkalimantan( representing biggest green turtle habitat in Asia), Coastal ofJamursbamedi and Coast of Warmonin Westpapua, National Park of Wakatobi in South-Eastsulawesi, Coastal ofSukamade National Park of MeruBetiri in East Java, Tip of Tile in West Java, Serangan Island in Bali.
 Food                       : when still young, green turtle eat various type of biota go out to sea like sea worm, prawn, clam, alga. When its body reach size measure about20 - 30 cm, they turn into food and herbivore the core important is sea grass.
 Characteristic - characteristic : its small head form and its blunt bill bebtuk. Circular Cangkang [of] rust colored egg of dark black chocolate or greenness. Length among 80 till 150 wt. and cm can reach 132 singk.
Fact Cool                  : named by green turtle not because of its of green him, but because fat colour below its.


Status : Very totally disappeared threatened
 At most met in : Coast of Jamursbamedi and Coast of Warmon in Papua West, Coastal of Sukamade National Park of MeruBetiri in East Java, Archipelago A Thousand, Island of Karimun - Central Java, and Island Attack in Bali.
Food :Cumi - cumi, anemone, prawn, crab, sea algae and fish which is life of diterumbu rock.
 Characteristic - characteristic : its sharp-pointed and keen snout with rather big rahang looking like bald eagle bill. Its of him which is bewarna turn yellow, brown and black of cleanness in form of like liver pattern, long of kerapas 70 - 90 cm.
 Fact Cool : hunted by because its of beautiful and strong him ( referred as by bekko in japan Ianguage, made by raw material in handicraft industry like : pin, comb, and spectacles frame


Status : totally disappeared Threatened.
 At most met in : Coast of Jamursbamedi and Coast of Warmon in Papua West, Coastal of Sukamade National Park of MeruBetiri in East Java, Coastal of Samas in Yogyakarta, Archipelago of Kei in Moluccas North, Perancak - Buleleng Bali and Island Attack in Bali.
Food : Crab, clam cockle and prawn.
 Characteristic - characteristic : Similar to green turtle but its bigger head and its form of him more slender angular and also. Its body of green chromatic fade, having five or more sisik beside body.
 Fact Cool : With its body length which at the most 65 cm and heavy 40 singk, turtle burst to become smallest turtle among all existing turtle type in this time.


Status : Most totally disappeared threatened.
 At most met in : Coast of Sukamade National Park of MeruBetiri in East Java, coastal alongside Lambaro countryside of Gugop Big GugopAcheh sub-province, Archipelago of Kei in Moluccas South-East, Wakatobi in Sulawesi North.
Food :Ubur - ubur, cumi - cumi.
 Characteristic - characteristic : Owning long next fin and dark chromatic kerapas with white blot.
 Fact Cool : This Turtle not merely biggest turtle type but also biggest reptil with length till 3 m and heavy 600 singk. Besides, this turtle kerapas is also blanketed with both husk.


Status : totally disappeared Threatened.
 Can meet by  : especially about territorial water of Timor, Java Sea, Nusa South-East, Moluccas South, Irian South and met also area Lead Bird.
Food : Cucumber Sea, ubur - ubur, cockle - rank, and prawn of invertebrata other.
 Characteristic - characteristic : Very Sisik flatten and a little a few/little beside outside its[his]. Its foreleg is closed over by big sisik. Its of him which is dusty chromatic - ash rather greenness relative attenuate and is fatty.
 Fact Cool : having most brittle kerapas among other turtle.

Don'T trust myth which spell out members if that high nutritious turtle. Its reality exactly all turtle shares ( flesh, blood till egg) pregnant of parasite, bakteria, Iihat vitamin and biotoksin of pencemar like heavy metal. 

Because :
 Turtle swim to ford sea which have impure progressively.
long Turtle age of its meaning longer also he/she contact with impure sea.
 Because " its position" above enchaining food, so that impure Iihat vitamin exist in in its prey body progressively add the amount of poisonous Iihat vitamin in turtle body